Sunday, January 8, 2012

Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Shammy-

    Not too long ago I met a boy,
    Who wore colorful trainers
    And spoke like a leprecon.
    He left the closet door wide open every morning, 
    After taking out a plain button down shirt.
    He had one of those smiles that would light up the whole world. 
    On weekends he dressed like a proper chav
    And purposefully walked like a hoodrat,
    Always did want a g-shock. 
    He loved knives and pork;
    Even so,
    I loved him like a crack-whore loves crack. =)

    January 8 at 2:57am ·  ·  1
  • James Lilypad-

    Not too long ago I met a leprachaun,
    At the end of a rainbow.
    But u might mistake her for a mermaid,
    'Cos she spent forever in the shower. 
    She wouldn't cut her nails after dark,
    Sit on the toilet seat,
    or walk barefoot on the ground. 
    She could make a meal last a week,
    And wasn't sure what a vegetable was.
    She wrote in a book that no one could read, 
    And sang songs that no one could hear.
    And yet,
    Her smile would light up a room,
    And her eyes could pierce your heart.
    I guess that's why I love her like a crack whore loves crack.

    January 8 at 1:38pm ·  ·  1

    YES! You are absolutely perfect! <3

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