Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Dream Seller

Tell me a story.
Tell me the tale of lovers who tie bonds of passion
At the wake of midnight,
The moon as their witness.
Tell me of fairies who live in enchanted forests,
Who only leave to grant wishes.

Let me believe in magic
Tell me of a world where dragons fly in the air
Together with eagles, and robins and hummingbirds.
A world were love is real
And class status doesn't exist.

Tell me of the shapanwala’s romance with Moushumi,
The doctor's daughter.
Tell me his name.
Tell me they lived happily ever after.
Tell me of a world where the sun always comes up and greets the people
No matter how small or poor.

Tell me of a world where the birth of a girl is a gift.
Where they are cherished as humans,
Equal but different to men.
Where they aren't used for currency.

Tell me Taslima was welcomed back to her homeland.
Tell me they freed her,
From the past she never deserved,
From hate and judgment.
Tell me they forgave her for telling the truth
About bastards and their snakes.

Tell me a story filled with lies.
Take me to the dream seller,
So that I might smile again.

- Shammy 1/11/12 2:38am

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