Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pretty Covers

I spy with my little eye a pretty girl.
She has the most wonderful smile,
It makes those around her want to come alive.
When she dances she makes the world stop.
They all want her.
They would go to great lengths to have her,
To be acknowledged by her.
Offering her this and that.
She smiles her most wonderful smile and declines.
What a beauty she is.
But they don’t see what I see.

They don’t see the sadness in her eyes after she laughs,
Or the guilt she feels when there's too much fun to be had.
They don’t see the tears that fall from her eyes
At night,
Alone in her bed.
They don’t see the pain in her veins,
in the dirty blood, that pumps her swollen heart.

The pain that makes her feel ugly and worthless when she looks in the mirror.

Shes coming to the edge now, but they don’t see that either.
No they wont.
She craves and craves.
The whole world loves her but she doesn’t love herself.
She doesn’t understand.
What do they see in her?
She asks herself.

A lost soul waiting on the highway of life.
The answers aren't in her head.
She searches and searches and searches,
But nothing!
And so she waits,
And waits still.

- Shammy 1/5/12 5:01pm

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