Thursday, October 28, 2010

I havent thought of a clever title yet...

Im standing on a slippery slope, playing a nasty game.
One wrong move,
one over step,
and ill be dropped
faster than I can deny it.
That I know.

It's not conscious,
actually it probably is,
because here I am analyzing it.

I've loved you for a long time.
I've known you for even longer,
that's all I knew.
Now there is a whole world that I've never seen before.
It's interesting and colorful... I'm curious to know.
And so I follow my heart.

I venture forth into the sparking blue abyss.
I see the white clouds open up and the beam of sunlight illuminates me.
It rescues me and blinds me.
Filled with a youthful innocence I run through the endless fields.
Green seeps into my soul, touching my every nerve.
I feel too much.

I have a "philosophical aura about me."
I guess you can say that.
Thinking is my curse...My greatest weakness and
my most powerful strength.
It will lead me towards the tips of the Himalayas,
only to fall.

The waters will soon turn murky,
and there will be a choice to be made.
There will be a tipping of the scales.
One will lose and one will gain,
but at what cost?

For that I fear, because the choice is already made.

- Shammy 10/27/10 12:35pm