Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A writer without words.
A lover without a heart.
Let me see into your soul.
Let me breathe the air you breathe.
Rule of thumb, 
Don’t tell.
Can you do it? 

The shit that makes sense in my head.
They’d think I was crazy.
Whose to decide that? 
Besides you and me… 
What do you see?
I see nothing.
Like trying to find something that was never there.
Will you find me?

Tell me of your troubles. Write me a letter.
Send it with your lips.
I want to feel again.
Let the leaves fall around us.
The warmth from your hands makes me want to be alive once more.
I’ve come so close.
Can we try again?

I hope you never stop smiling. 
You’ll save the world one day. 

- Shammy 11/29/11