Friday, March 2, 2012

What Say You?

Maybe, I'm not how you want me to be.
I admit, I don't care much what the proper conventions are.
Go to uni, get a degree, become something in life.
It doesn't seem to suit me.
My days feel restricted.
Wake up,
Get dressed,
Sit in class,
Listen to students recite the ideas already in my head.
My thoughts have no boundaries,
No limits.
I want to do everything!
How can I work on the things I want when all my time goes sitting in a classroom?
I need the freedom.
There can't be rules, timelines, limitations.
No that just won't do!

One more year! 
One more year and I'll be done for awhile.
I want to see the deserts of Asia minor,
the rain forests of South America,
the mountains of Switzerland!

I want to live in houses with character,
And listen to the tunes the boatman sings at the closing of the night.
I want you to come with me,
Not on my journey,
But yours.

- Shammy 3/2/12 2:45pm 

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